Garena Free Fire (Back,White) Criminal Bundle Config Glitch Zip File

Garena Free Fire Balck Blue White Voiltet Green Purple Free Reedem Code Config Glitch Vip Script File Download After Ob Update Mod Apk Password .zip.
Free Fire Criminal Bundle Get Free Config Glitch Zip File Dowload
Free Fire Criminal Bundle Config Glitch Zip File

Hello Guys My Name Is Abhishek Dogra And I Am Going To Tell You All About Free Fire Black Criminal Bundle. How To Get And Use It In Free 2021.

How To Get Black Criminal Bundle In Free Fire?

To Get Black Criminal Bundle In Free Fire You Have To Use The Glitch Or Config File If You Don't Know What Is Glitch Or Config File Then I Can Give You A Idea. It is a method to get emotes, gun skins and dress in free.

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How To Get White Criminal Bundle IN Free Fire?

To Get The White Criminal Bundle In Free Fire You Have to Follow The Similar Trick As The Balck Criminal Bundle.

How To Play Like A Pro With Criminal Bundle?

To Play Like A Pro With Criminal Bundle You Must Have To Build this Gameplay Quality As Given Below :

  1. Fastest Movement Speed
  2. Better Understanding Of Map
  3. Best  And Unique Mind Skills
  4. Team Coordination

Type Of Criminal Bundles In Free Fire?

  1. Red Criminal Bundle
  2. Yellow Criminal Bundle
  3. Purple Criminal Bundle
  4. Green Criminal Bundle
  5. Black Criminal Bundle
  6. White Criminal Bundle

How The Players Got Yellow, Red, Purple, Green Criminal Bundles In Their Id?

These All Bundles Are Come In Garena Free Fire Game In The Incubator. I can help you to understand about incubators. 

What Is Criminal Bundle's Incubator?

It is the place where players use their diamonds to spin for the criminal bundle as a prize of spin but you need the blueprints + evolution stones to get criminal bundle by exchanging them.

How Many Blue Print + Evolution Stones Are Required For It?

The Value Of Evolution Stone + Blueprints Are Different For Different Bundle

  1. Red Criminal  7 Evolution Stone + 5 Blue Prints
  2. Yellow 5 Evolution Stone + 3 Blue Prints

Criminal Bundle Is Male Or A Female Bundle?

Criminal Bundle Is The Bundle That The Both Male And Female Players Can Wear In Their Game Id.

What Are Criminal Bundle Redeem Codes?

These are the unique code that can we use once under the given time to get the criminal bundle in our id for free.

How To Get Criminal Bundle Redeem Codes?

These are the codes that were provided and generated by Garena Free Fire To Get Redeem Codes You Can Follow Free Fire Official YouTube Channel To Get The Latest Updates And Announcements.

How To Use Free Fire Black  And White Bundle Config Zip File?

  1. Download Desired Bundle Config Zip File From Link
  2. Download Z Archiver from Play Store
  3. Then Go To Download Folder
  4. Then Extract The File by clicking on the file one time
  5. Copy The file named com. dts.freefireth
  6. Go to the android then data
  7. Paste The Com. dts.freefireth folder in data and click on Apply to all
  8. Open the game and check the bad clothes has changed into the criminal bundle


In This Article, I Have Given You Information About Free Fire Black White etc. Criminal Bundles.

Love To Share Latest Information And Best Updates That Are Important For You.

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