How To Change Server In Free Fire? And FF Max 2022 Without Vpn?

How To Change Server In Free Fire FF Max After Update 2022 Latest Trick Free No Id Ban FF Best Vpn And Method.

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In This Article, I have provided you tricks and tips to change serve rin free fire or free fire max for free in 2022 after the update with easy learn and apply tricks. This method is 100% safe and used by people to change their game server in 2022 easily securely and fast. 

How To Change Server In Free Fire And FF Max 2022
How To Change Server In Free Fire And FF Max 2022

What Is Server In Free Fire?

It Is The place where all the player and their accounts are saved according to their regions. Every country has different servers to store their player data of free-fire games easily and fastly. These game data are safe in the security of Garena and its employees.

Why People Changes Sever In Free Fire?

People Change Server In Free Fire To Know The Latest Events And Updates In Other Countries That Garneau Offers To Their Free Fire Players In Different Countries And Regions Every Week Or Monthly Or On The Dialy Basis.

Another Reason To Change The Free Fire Server Is The Player Want To Interact With Other Players And Like To Play Matches With Their Other Country Freinds.

Changing Free Fire Server Is Safe Or Not?

The Changing Of Free Fire Server Is Safe Because It's Not Any Game Modifications It Like Just Changing Game Login Id To Play Game.

Changing Free Fire Server Is Legal Or Not?

The Changing Of Free Fire Sevre IS 100% Legal And Safe To Use And Change The Game Server And Play,

Top Vpn To Change Free Fire Server

  1. Turbo Vpn
  2. Ufo Vpn
  3. Free Vpn And Proxy
  4. Singapore Vpn
  5. Many More...

How To Change Server In Free Fire?

  • Logout From All The Accounts Of Free Fire
  • Download Any Vpn App From Plastore Or Appstore
  • Just Connect The Vpn App To the Country Where You Want To Play Free Fire
  • And Open Free Fire
  • Now Create New Account In The Region
  • Now Open Free Fire Your Account Is Created
  • Now Disconnect Vpn App
  • And Ejoy The New Server In Free Fire  

Things you want to realize before changing server in Free Fire Max

There will be a few downsides and significant things you want to recall before changing your server in Free Fire: You can change the server of the game however your record will remain in the first server. For instance, assuming that your record was made in India, just the Indian server has the information of your record. You should make another record after making a Free Fire server change. You could encounter high ping and slack while playing on the new server relying upon its area. You possibly need to utilize a VPN once when you make another record. You can play regularly a while later without a VPN.

The most effective ways to change servers in Free Fire Max

There are really multiple ways of changing and playing in one more server than your default server in Free Fire Or Free Fire Max. These are the way you can make it happen.

  • Download a VPN
  • Download For Andriod
  • Download For PC
  •  Visitor Account Method

In this technique, we will make a Guest account while utilizing a VPN to veil your IP to another area. On the off chance that your ongoing record is a Guest Account, you would need to tie it to a Facebook account or a Google account first so you don't lose it. To figure out how to tie your Guest Account, look at this article

Presently after you have bound your old record, wipe the information of Free Fire in the application settings. Open your VPN and associate with the server you need to play in. After you are associated with that server, open Free Fire. The subsequent stage is to make another Guest Account and simply adhere to the guidance of the game to make another record.

To see whether this new record is in another server or not, go to Settings, and check out at the base left corner of your screen.

2. Make an extra login account

This strategy is somewhat easier than the technique above and you additionally don't have to wipe your information. You actually need to utilize a VPN, yet you will make a Google or Facebook account rather while the VPN is on. From that point onward, interface this Google or Facebook account with your ongoing Guest Account.

3. Ask an individual from abroad to make a record for you

If you end up having a companion from different servers, you can essentially request that they make a record for yourself and tie it to a Google account so you can sign in to it from your place. You likewise go to a Free Fire gathering, for example, Reddit to request that outsiders help you and somebody could make it happen.

Presently you should simply log out of your ongoing record and sign in to Free Fire with the new record you recently got.

FAQ about changing the free fire max server

Q: Do I get prohibited from utilizing a VPN?

A: No, a VPN doesn't adjust your game record, so you can securely utilize it to change the server in Free Fire. Furthermore, you just have to utilize a VPN once.

Q: Which VPN would it be advisable for me to utilize?

A: I prescribe you to utilize Proton VPN because you can involve their Premium preliminary for 7 days when you make another record.

Q: How would I sign in to my primary record after changing the server?

A: Log out of your ongoing record and afterward make a visitor record to reset your server to default. Presently you can sign in to your primary record through Google or Facebook.


So In this post you able to know the free fire and free fire max tricks to change the server without id or device ban for free in 2022 easily and fast for free.

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