Free Fire Max Raistar Biography, Income, Age, Networth, Uid, Id, Stats

Raistar Biography, Income, Age, Networth, Free Fire Id, Stats 2022 Wiki Full Information.

 As We, All Know ThatRaistar  Is How Much Famous And Good Palyer In Today's Time But Not Everyone Knows About Raistar  So Here We Provide The  Raistar with Full Information For Your To Know About Him And Learn More About Free Fire Players And Their AgeGfReal NameFamilyAge Free Fire Id, Free Fire Uid, Free Fire Stats And Guild Name And Gameplay With Earnings Many More.

Free Fire Max Raistar Biography, Income, Age, Networth, Uid, Id, Stats  

In Today's Time One Of The Most Popular Game Is Free Fire So You Must Know About The Game Free Fire Best Players And Youtubers So Today's Person Is Raistar  I Am Goin To Tell You Raistar  All The Bio Data Related To Life And Game.

Raistar Free Fire Biography And Id Stats
Raistar Free Fire Biography And Id Stats

Channel NameRaistar & Rai Live
Short NameRaistar 
Monthly Income$10k (Varies Every Month)
Raistar Free Fire UID12022250
FreeFire Name꧁ ᏒคᎥຮᴛαʀ࿐
TeamGyan Sujan Squad
Raistar  Guild Youtubers 
DeviceiPhone And Pc
ProfessionFree Fire Player, Youtuber, Streamer 

Raistar Free Fire Biography?

The Raistar Is A Youtuber And Have A Channel Related To Free Fire Or Garena Free Fire Max that Provide Daily Latest New And Updates About Free Fire's latest Events And Tips And Tricks For Free To Every Free Fire Palyer Worldwide. They Are Doing So Good In The Free Fire And On The Youtube Also.They Do Daily Live Streams On Social Media Platforms And On Booyah App.

Raistar Free Fire Earning?

It Is Not Exact Eaning But It's Estimated Earning Calculated Using Social Blade Platform. So The Raistar Monthly Earning Is $20k - $500k These Are In USD Currency So You Can Easily Convert These Earnings Into Indian Currency Its About 8 -50 Lakh Every Month.

Raistar Free Fire Uid?

The Raistar Free Fire And Free Fire Max Id Or Profile Account Number 12022250.

Raistar  Earning?

Raistar  Gamers Have a Good Social Media Audience And Getting Good Traffic On Their The Social Media Accounts He Do Publish Videos And Get Money Through The Advertisements In The Video AndThe Free Fire sponsors And Get Free Gifts By Gaming PartnersAnd Earning Good Amount Of Money In Today Date. He Also Got Fre Items Free Custom Rooms And Fre Diamonds Because He Is In Partner Program And Hence Verified V Badge Creator Or Youtuber.

Raistar Free Fire
Raistar Free Fire

Raistar Networth?

The Raistar  Have Good Net Worth Upto USD 2Million The Networth od The Two Sude Gamers Not Fixed Its Varying With Time And Increasing Day By Day So Its Estimated Net Worth Raistar  In 2022.

Raistar  Relationship?

The Raistar  Raistar  Have Both Good Mutual Sharing relationships They Are Both Brothers And Raeltives With Each Other And They Always Share Free Fire Gameplay And Revenue With Each Other Equally.

Raistar  Gf?

According To Raistar, Both are Not Like Any Type Of Relationship, And If They Do So They Are Private They Don't Have Provided Relationship Information On Their Social Media Handles And Created Videos.

Raistar  Family Members?

  • Mother
  • Father
  • Sister
  • Brother
  • And Many Other Member

Raistar Pet?

  • They Have Only The Husky In Their Home To Enjoy And Play With Them

Raistar Setup?

The Raistar  Have Good Setup And They Good Gaming Accessories And Devices In 2022 In Their House And Gaming Room

  • Red Magic Gaming Phone
  • Asus Rog Gaming Phone
  • High-End Gaming Pc
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 12
  • And Many Other Gears And Equipment That Help Them Video Making And Gaming

Raistar Gaming Room?

Yes The Raistar Have Created The Gaming Room With Different Type Of Looks And the Best Gaming Equipment In 2022 They Are Very Good Uniquely Design Room With Several Features

  • RGB Multicolour Setup
  • Raistar  Glowing Logo
  • Expensive Pc
  • Good Mic
  • Gaming Headphones
  • Gaming Pc
  • Gaming Mobiles
  • Ac Setup
  • Bed Setup
  • Music Equipment To Fun
  • And Many Othe Items

Raistar Gaming House?

The Raistar  Have Created The Best Gaming House For Them To Play Games And Create The Videos For Social Media And Yt So They Have a Very Pleasant Gaming House With a Large Number Of Land WIth Swimming pool And 12 Room With a Kitchen Bedroom Gaming Room and Other Rooms Also Created. The Raistar Members Enjoy In The Free Time There.

Raistar  Vehicles Collection?

  • Scooter By Tvs
  • Ktm Bike
  • Swift Car
  • Honda Activa

Raistar  Youtube Journey?

The Raistar  Started Youtube In 2018 And Also Started Free Fire Gameplay ANd Tips And Tricks Videos They Done Very Hard And Smart Work And One Of The Video Goes Viral And They Got Many Subscribers This Incident Goes Repeating And They God a Huge Audience On Youtube And Now The Number is 1 Crore + Subscriber It's Very Large Number Of Audience Fan Base.

Raistar s Free Fire Info

Here I Have provided you Raistar  free fire all the information related to free fire di collection and much other gameplay and their account UI with stats.

Raistar  Facts

  • Raistar  Is Known As Akshay In Real Life
  • Raistar  Is Also Known as Akshay Rai In Real Life
  • They Have Many Youtube Channel
  • They Both Got The Verified V Badge In free Fire Game
  • Raistar Is an iPhone And Pc Player Of Free Fire
  • Raistar  Also Loves To Sing The Songs And Play Different Games Like Gt V Fall Of Guys In The Free Time
  • Raistar  Live In Their Raistar  House Build By Raistar  Revenue And All The Raistar  Enjoy Gaming There

 Who is Raistar  In Free Fire? 

In Free Fire Game And Free Fire Gaming Youtube Community, The Raistar  Is Good Known Palyer And Youtuber Of The Time And Best Known Personality. 

Are They Have Discord Channels? How To Join

Yes, The Raistar  Have A Discord Channel With Active Members And Good Members With a High Amount In Their Discord Channel Raistar Well Maintain The Discord Channel.

Relationship Between Raistar And Gyan Sujan?

The Tsg Jash And Tsg Jash Are Both The Twin Brothers And Behave And Live like Real Brother In the Same House And Share The Free Fire Gameplay And Revenue Of Youtube With Each Other.

How To Join Raistar  Free Fire Guild?

The Raistar  Guild Name And Tsg Army So The Guild Has Some Requirements So The Requirements To Join Tsg Jash Is Guild Is Level More Than 70 And Have Good Headshot Rate And Kd Ratio With Good Amount Of Like And Good Id Collection With Pro Gameplay And You Can Join The Guild By Passing Tsg Army Guild Test.

Raistar Gameplay?

The Raistar both are pro players and play very well and have excellent and high god-level gameplay like other free fire players both are professional esports players and played many free fire tournaments and won many games also.

Raistar  Free Fire Uid?

  • Raistar Free Fire Id Is 12022250

Raistar  Id Stats And Kd Ratio?

The Raistar  Free Fire Id Stats Are So Good And KD Ratio Are Also More Than Expected
  • Raistar  Kd Ratio - 7.12
  • Raistar  Headshot Rate 89.12%

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