SR2 High Speed Racing Bus Mod Bus Simulator Indonesia (Bussid)

Download SR2 xhd prime High Speed Racing Bus Mod Bus Simulator Indonesia Bussid File 2023.

HiGuys Welcome To My Post In This Post Today I am Going To Give You the Best Knowledge Tips And Tricks Related To Bus Simulator Indonesia And Its SR2 High-Speed Racing Bus. These Tips And Tricks Force Your Gameplay To Perform At the Next Level And You Can Play Best And Better Than Before.

SR2 High-Speed Racing Bus Download For Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID)

So Today's Topic Is How To Download And Use The Komban Bus Mod In Bus Simulator Indonesia Game (BUSSID). These Livery Are the Latest And Free To Use We Provide For You And Work 100% In Your Bus Simulator Indonesia Game For Free And No Id Ban Or Suspension Occurs.

Sr2 High Speed Racing Bus Mod For Bus Simulator Indonesia
Sr2 High-Speed Racing Bus Mod For Bus Simulator Indonesia

GameBus Simulator Indonesia(BUSSID)
Mod Type SR2 High-Speed Racing Bus
File TypeBussid Bus Mod
File VersionLatest Updated
File PublisherAdditionalArticles

How To Add And Apply  SR2 High-Speed Racing Bus Mod In Bus Simulator Indonesia?

  1. First Download SR2 High-Speed Racing Bus Mod File From the Download link Its an Easy And Single Steps Process
  2. And The Downloaded Files Are In The Zip Format You Need To Unzip The Files 
  3. So To Unzip The Files You Need The Z Archiver App That's Free On Playstore 
  4. And Unzip The Files Using Z Archiver Apk Or App And Then You Got The Livery Files Of Bus Simulator Indonesia
  5. And Open The Livery Files And Follow The Steps
  6. Now Open The Game And Go To Livery Section Then Click On Import 
  7. After This, Your Vehicle Is Added Successfully To The Bus Simulator Indonesia Game
  8. To Check The Vehicle Quality And Working You Can Easily Go Tho The Map Section
  9. And Take A Test Drive Inside The Game For Free
  10. Now Your Livery For Bus Simulator Indonesia (BUSSID) Is Properly Setup Now Enjoy The Game

How To Import Livery & Mod In Bus Simulator Indonesia?

To Import The Mods Inside The Bus Simulator Indonesia Game, You Have To Follow The Steps Given Below By Following These Steps You Can Easily Import The Mods For BUSSID Game

Opening Game

First Open Your Bus Simulator Indonesia Game And Check if The Game Is Working Properly After This You Need To Have The Livery File In (bussidmod) Format Only To Use it With You In Your Device Storage.

Importing Mod

By Using Import Option In-Game You Can Easily Import The Mod And If You Want To Import Mod Properly The You Need The (bussidmod) Format File With You

Finding Imported Vehicle

After Importing The Mod Successfully Inside The Game You Need To Search For The Vehicle To Select The Vehicle You Can Do This By Using The Garage Inside The Game After This You Use The New Imported Mod Vehicle Inside The Game Map.

By Following All The Steps Given ABove You Can Easily Add Any New Vehicle Inside The Bus Simulator Indonesia Bussid Game And Easily Enjoy The New Mod With the Latest Vehicles Inside The Game.

Download  SR2 High-Speed Racing Bus Mod In Bus Simulator Indonesia

To Download The Livery For The Bus Simulator Indonesia Game Is an Easy and Single Step Process You Need To Just Click On the Download Button And Your Download Starts You Just Have to Find The Download Folder In Your Device Storage To Use Or Locate The File

Sr2 High-Speed Racing Bus13MB
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Using Skin Mods In Bus Simulator Indonesia Is Safe Or Not?

Yes Using Mods Is 100% Safe Because The Developer Provided the Mod Section In-Game And You Can Add Mods Of Your Choice And Enjoy The Game. So Use Of Skin Mods Is Legal And Safe In Bussid Game In 2022 So Enjoy And Use Komban Bus Skin Mod In-Game.

Types Of Mod Present In Bus Simulator Indonesia?

  • Cars Mods
  • Vehicles Mods
  • Bike Mods
  • Trucks Mod
  • Buses Mod
  • Bikes Mod
  • Cycle Mod
  • Maps Mod
  • And Many Other Mods

About Car, Bus, Truck, Bikes Mod

By using Cars, buses, Trucks, Bikes, and Mod In The Bus Simulator Indonesia Game You Can Easily Get New Vehicles Unlocked Inside The Game For Free a 100% Working Method To Add New Vehicle Inside Your Bus Simulator Indonesia Game And a 100% Safe To Use. There I Have Provided You Some Features Of the Bus Simulator Indonesia Vehicle Mod

  • Looks Like Orignal Vehicles
  • Create Shine Effect
  • Tire Rolling Effect
  • Doors, Windows, Mirrors Opening, And Closing Effect
  • Interior Changing Effects
  • Music Player Effect
  • Lights On/off Feature
  • Handle Moving Effect
  • And Many Other Good Features.

About  Maps Mod

After adding the new vehicles for free in the bus simulator Indonesia game you also need a new stylish design map so you can easily add the realistic 3d map in the game using the game's inbuilt mod>import feature. So You can Easily AAdd And Enjoy The Map Feature In-Game. I Have Provided You Some Features Of Map Mod In Bus Simulator Indonesia.

  1. 3d Realistic Graphics
  2. Realistic Vegetation
  3. Realistic Trees And Grass
  4. Best Orignal Real Life Roads
  5. Best Simulator Game driving Feel
  6. Weather Changes With Time
  7. Day/ Night Mod
  8. And Many Other Features

Why Do People Use Bus Simulator Indonesia Skin Mods?

The people use the bus simulator Indonesia mods to enjoy the game more because they get exhausted and bored of driving the same vehicle all the time and they want to change in their bussed game.

Advantages Of Using Mod In Bus Simulator Indonesia?

  1. Make the Game More 3d Realistic And Close To Our Daily Life
  2. We Not Get Bored By Playing Game
  3. We Can add New Models Of Bus, Truck, Cars, Bikes, And Other Oad Transports For Free
  4. Easy To use The Mod In Bus Simulator Indonesia

How To Remove Mods From Bus Simulator Indonesia Easily?

  1. If You Want To Remove The Mods Easily You Got Delete Option In-Game And Click On It.
  2. You Can Find This Option In Mods Section In-Game
  3. Just By One Click Your Mod Is Removed Easily

About Bus Simulator Indonesia

Bus Simulator Indonesia Is Also Known As ( BUSSID) Game. This Game Is Most Popular Among All The Players Who Loves Driving Vehicles In Their Device Using Simulator Games. So This Game Provides a 3d Realistic Experience To The Players Inside the Game For The Players To Use Different Vehicles And Drive Them In Different Map Locations Available With Freedom Inside The Game.

Features Of Bus Simulator Indonesia

  1. Design your own livery
  2. Very easy and intuitive control
  3. Authentic Indonesian cities and places
  4. Indonesian Buses
  5. Cool and fun honks
  6. High-quality and detailed 3D graphics
  7. No obstructive ads while driving
  8. Leaderboard
  9. Data saved online
  10. Use your own 3D model using the vehicle mod system
  11. Online multiplayer convoy


In this post, I have given you how to use and download  Komban Bus Skin Livery in bus simulator Indonesia and how to add in-game, and how to play a game with all the used properly in 2022 for free and easy to use with safe tricks and tips. So If You have any queries you can ask us in the comments if you have enjoyed the post and also give us feedback in the post comment section located below. thanks for using our blog post

Love To Share Latest Information And Best Updates That Are Important For You.

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