Free Fire iPhone X & Xr Best Sensitivity Settings, Custom Hud & Dpi

Free Fire iPhone X & Xr Best Sensitivity Settings Custom Hud & Dpi 100% Working & FF Max No Id Ban Safe Settings.

Hi, dear Garena Free Fire Or Free Fire Max Players As You Know The iPhone X & Xr Series Are Very Goood Mobile Phones For All Purposes And You Can Easily Add Or Play The Free Fire Like Game On Them But Without Knowing the Settings of Your Gameplay Will Not Be Good In Every Way Easily.

Free Fire iPhone X & Xr Best Sensitivity Settings, Custom Hud & Dpi

So Today We Going To Provide You The Free Fire Or Free Fire Max Game Best SensitivityHeadshot Settings With A Good Cutsom Hud Suggestion And Easy To Control Layout. These Settings Really Help You To Improve Your Gameplay And You Can Easily Become Pro Player Using These Settings.

Free Fire iPhone X & Xr Best Sensitivity Settings, Custom Hud & Dpi
Free Fire iPhone X & Xr Best Sensitivity Settings, Custom Hud & Dpi

All The Settings Work Perfectly On Every Type Of Device With Any Type Of Configurations Related To Ram And Processor. So You At Least Try Once These Settings And Enjoy Your Gameplay In a Game Like A Pro With No Fear Of Any Enemy.

As we all know that Garena Free Fire Game Or Free Fire Max Game Has Custom Hud Or Layout With Sensitivity Settings That Need To Be Perfect And In Good Mode With Device Compatibility & Performance.

About iPhone X, XR

These are mobile phones with the ios operating system and comes under apple and are designed and distributed by apple company and have good gaming performance cameras and battery life and are easy to handle and care devices.

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We Have Provided You The Overview And Overall Some Specification Of These Devices So You Can Easily Understand The Device Structure.

iPhone X

  • Display - Retina Display
  • Battery - 2716 Mah-
  • Processor - Apple A11 Bionic Chip

iPhone XR

  • Display - Retina Display
  • Battery - 2942 Mah
  • Processor - Apple A12 Bionic Chip

Free Fire iPhone X & Xr Sensitivity Settings

Always, Try To Play Free Fire In 90 -100 All Sensitivity Because It Gives Fast Action And Good Fast Response Movement Speed That Helps You To Play Good And Increase Your Gameplay Speed, And You Can Make Headshot Easily And Fast And You Able To Rotate Your Player Inside The Game Easily And Quickly And Always Be Safe From Enemies Inside The Game.

  • General 97
  • Red Dot - 93
  • 2x Scope - 94
  • 4x Scope - 98
  • Awm Scope - 84
  • Free Look - 97
  • Dpi - Not Recommended
Best Sensitivity Settings
Best Sensitivity Settings

So, try to choose the best sensitivity settings according to your comfort the settings you can control easily without the help of another player in a single match and solo mode to win every game easily.

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About Free Fire Sensitivity Settings

General & Free Look

The General And Free Look Settings Are The Sensitivity Of The Player And Movement How Much The Player Is Sensitive Towards Your Screen Movement. So Generally It Could Always Be Higher And Good For Your Gameplay And Make Your Movement Speed Fast.

Red Dot

The Red Dot Is The Spot Process Of the Enemy Without Scope. When You Aim For First Time At the Enemy With Your Naked Gun Then Here Comes The Role Of The Red Dot And Its Pro Settings.

2x, 4x & Sniper Scope 

These Are The Type Of Settings Responsible for Or Come To Work When You Use The Scopes In Your Game And Controls The Scope. If The Settings Are At a Higher ratio Then It Provides Good And Fast Movements Under The Scope If the Settings are Low Then Your Moevemnt Of Scope Is Slow.


The Dpi Stand For The Sot Per Inch If You Increase The Dpi Then Your Gameplay Become Smooth And Fast But It Harms Your Device So Not Increase The Dpi But You Can Increase The Dpi Upto One Limit Recommended For Your Device.

About Free Fire iPhone Custom Hud

The Custom Hud Plays High Role In Taking Headshot Kill On Enemies, The Fire Button Is the Most Important Factor For Headshot So Try To Reduce The Free Fire Button Size Reduce The Maximum Size But Try To Adapt To The New Custom Hud Style Otherwise It Reduces Kills In-Game And Always Try To Use The Best Custom Hud  According To Your Comfort And Specs OF Your Mobile Device.

Best Custom Hud
Best Custom Hud

Choose The Layout And Its Button Position According To Your Speed And Finger Compatibility With The Game So You Can't Easily Killed Of Being The Bad at Controlling.

2 Finger Custom Hud

The 2 Fingers custom hud is a type of layout that can be controlled with only 2 fingers of the hand and you can easily play the game only with help of two hands and a thumb. This type of layout may be good if you practice a lot but not fast.

3 Finger Custom Hud

This type of custom hud is controlled with the help of 2 different hands thumb and one finger so this makes this layout good and pro and can be controlled fast and the player can do fast movements as compared to 2 finger custom hud.

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About Free Fire iPhone Graphics Settings 

Graphics Also plays an essential role in Your Gameplay And Sensitivity. So Set Graphics According To Your Device Means In Which Settings Your Device Can Play Game In a Smooth Style With Fps Drop. Always But Setting On High Fps To Get Good Gameplay And Sensitivity This Is the Best Settings Of All The Time. 

Best Graphic Settings
Best Graphic Settings

So, Always Try To Choose The Graphics Wisely Not Just To Make Look Good Only Just For To Play the Game Smoothly If You Follow The Wrong Settings Then Your Gameplay Will Be Effected And Your Game Experience Become Bad In a Few periods So Choose Your Settings Always Wisely.

Graphics, Resolution & Shadow

These Settings Provide You The Good Texture And Gameplay Quality When You Start The Match And If You Play The Game At High Settings Then Your Device Heats And Drains The Battery Quicker But You Get A Overall Good Gameplay Experience In Higher Settings As Compared To Low Settings.

Fps & Filters

The Fps Stands For Frame Per Second It Is Always Recommended For Every Player To Keep Their Fps Settings High To Get Good Gameplay With Smooth Animations And Filters Can Be Set According To Display Experience That You Like.


In, this post we have provided you the free-fire best settings for iPhone & xr series so that you can easily play the game well and become a good pro player, and always be able to win the matches easily. Enjoy Gaming Keep Playing Free Fire.

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